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5 Best logos in 2014 March

Published on 04/17/2014 at 09:07

Greeeat month at Wilogo, with plenty of awesome logos made. The designers keep up the good work with these superb logos, and hats off to customers who choose wisely these great creations.


Les nounous de Paris, logo design by Vargatier

superb logo Nounous de Paris


Lifecycles, Inai's logo

logodesign lifecycles


Bay of angels, logostar

best logo bay of angels


CakeMaker, wilogobd logo creation

great lgoo for Cake Maker


Nekogami, a Relyss design

best logo for NekoGami



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Top 5 of the best logos of February 2014

Published on 03/25/2014 at 00:00

We are a kind of late on this second Top 5, but the selection was difficult, congratulations to the graphic designers and to the customers for their creative choice, among more than 100 sold logos..

Travellers community, un logo créé par Tigraph

superbe logo de 3sixtyfive


Belgiandary, a logo by Ilz

création de logo pour PhoneLook


Технопарк of Asbeen

meilleur logo pour Alpes en Ré


Sugar & Yeast, a logo of les-imbeciles-heureux

meilleur logo pour Born to be wine


Hockey subaquatique Mulhouse, of 12107Design

meilleur logo pour Adastra



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Ten collection season 3: “Creating her own future”

Published on 03/10/2014 at 00:00

Fotolia presents the first international artist duo of TEN Season 3. The PSD of their artwork, "Creating her own future", will be downloadable for free during 24 hours on March 10, by going to

NEW YORK March 05 2014 – Two artists, two different skill sets, one creation – this is the idea behind Fotolia’s third season of TEN.  Following a successful second season (with over 300 000 downloads during the initial 24-hour period and 1 million visitors) Fotolia is adding a new spin to its creative and educational TEN project – splitting up ten internationally renown artists into five artistic pairs (one photographer and one designer). Together, they will create an original digital art piece that depicts their vision of the future. The first duo made up of photographer Eric Paré from Québec and designer Mike Campeau of Michigan, will present the fruit of their collaborative labor, “Creating her own future”. A PSD of the art piece will be available for free download during 24 hours on Monday, March 10 on

 “Creating her own future”, blends feeling, passion and technical perfection

Their joint artwork, “Creating her own future”, blends Paré’s captivating light work with Campau’s careful attention to detail. “The future-related theme instantly made me think of bringing to life an extra-ordinary character; one that is open to interpretation and that no one can identify with,” explains Paré. Their piece presents a seemingly fragile woman, sitting on the earth, emitting an incredible power. She is aware that she can shape her future, and is letting her creativity flow – represented by the light coming out of her hand. Her creativity also represents her lifeline and defense against the monotone world she is in.

Learning from the artists

For a step-by-step tutorial by both artists on how they created the art piece - from their initial meeting to the finished product, a making-of video will also be released on March 10th on, as well as on TEN’s youtube channel,

Watch the video teaser:


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TEN Collection Contest

Published on 01/15/2014 at 13:00

Challenge our TEN graphic designers by sending us your most amazing work!


Earn amazing prizes as a reward for your creative skills! The jury will take the public's taste into account to make its final decision, so get your friends involved! But remember, your personal talent and creative skills will ultimately make the difference.


The contest will run from January 10, 2014 to February 10, 2014. Contestants must upload their JPEG files by February 10, 2014 (11:59pm - Eastern time). A jury including the original TEN artists, as well as members of the Fotolia and Wisibility teams, will select 10 winners (one per category), among which one will be selected as the 1st prize winner. Winners will be announced on February 18th, 2014.


Entering the contest is simple: 

- Choose one or more of our TEN categories 

- Download our selection of images and use at least 3 of them per entry 

- Create an impressive PSD file (4961 x 3508 px) based one or more of the chosen themes 

- Submit a JPG (1000 x 707 px) version of your PSD source file 

You can only submit one entry per theme. Only one winner per category, and one category per winner.


You can visit our categories by clicking here

Choose one or more, and let your inspiration guide you! 

If you are looking to submit your entry, click here


Good luck!

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Top 5 of the best logos of December 2013

Published on 01/08/2014 at 08:30

Last top 5 of 2013. The designers were one more time full of creativity, we hope sincerely that this new year will bring even more beautiful designs ! Happy new year 2014!   

EAL Avocat, made by Ilz

superbe logo de Easton


Les tricots de Cécile by Geomateo

création de logo pour ARCHE la défense


Linea, from OMA

meilleur logo pour Peridot Groupe


La Maison de Merlin, made by AKI_Studio

meilleur logo pour Zajel


RNIP created by Ars

meilleur logo pour Apero


We thank everyone again for these beautiful logos!


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Top 5 of the best logos of November 2013

Published on 12/19/2013 at 09:00

November came with a lot of good designs and it was difficult to choose again but here is our top 5:

Ozzman, of Ilovedesign

superbe logo de Easton


CETISSY,  of Graphiquo

création de logo pour ARCHE la défense


Amnezia, of Ars

meilleur logo pour Peridot Groupe, a design of Bibicrea

meilleur logo pour Zajel


Vision Marketplace,  of Graphiquo

meilleur logo pour Apero

We aslo congratulate all the customers for their choices !


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TEN Collection: "Unfinished Sympathy" an artwork Made in France by Düne and Sosoa

Published on 12/10/2013 at 09:00

Season 2 of TEN, which displays from  the beginning a record of downloads (nearly 281,501), is closing his world tour in France. For the occasion, Fotolia has a special edition produced in Illustrator by two artists: the French illustrators Yoann Madec and Solene Renaudin, better known as a couple under the pseudonyms Düne and Sosoa . Their new creation, "Unfinished Sympathy" is freely downloadable in formats Ai and PSD for 24 hours on Tuesday, December 10

"Unfinished Sympathy " is the representation of our most basic instincts experienced during this period of pregnancy. Left hand , "Unfinished " , symbolizes the materialistic feeling that we all have within us. This attraction to the possession , greed and appearance, which gives us the feeling of perpetual incompleteness. While the right hand , "Sympathy " , embodies a form of spirituality that prefer to wait to receive, rather than taking . "Says Sosoa . To achieve such a detailed result , the pair of French artist shoved his work habits . Traditionally mixing different tools such as Illustrator, Photoshop , InDesign or Corel Painter , and Düne have the Sosoa for TEN, working exclusively with Illustrator software and images from Fotolia Image Bank .

Teaser : 


Portfolio de Düne:

Portfolio de Sosoa:

"Ça c'est Gang !":

"Gang Corporate Collective”:

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Top 5 of the best logos of October 2013

Published on 11/19/2013 at 10:31

EOnce again, we received a beautiful delivery of logo designs this month. In very different graphic styles, our selection is relatively random and personal and the choice is tough to select only 5.

Cuccumela, a logo design by Easton

superbe logo de Easton


A.R.C.H.E, a logo made by CorporateDesign

création de logo pour ARCHE la défense


Peridot Group, logo designed by ilz

meilleur logo pour Peridot Groupe


Zajel, a creation of KhatirDes

meilleur logo pour Zajel


Apero Time, un logo de delRio

meilleur logo pour Apero


Congratulations to the designers for these great logos, and congratulations to the customers too for these eclectic choices!


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TEN Collection: "Game On" an artwork by Peter Jaworowski

Published on 11/08/2013 at 08:00


Ten season 2  presents the 10th Artist of his prestigious international casting. In november Fotolia choosed the famous polish designer Peter Jaworowski. His original creation « Game On» will be available for free to download friday 8th of november for 24h on

Peter Jarowski is well known for his work with  Nike, Nokia, Oakley or Ubisoft in - Assassin's Creed IV : Black Flag.

Making of teaser:

Website of the artist:


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TEN Collection: "Portrait of a perfect stranger" an artwork by Alberto Seveso

Published on 10/10/2013 at 08:00


Ten season 2  presents the 9th Artist of his prestigious international casting. In october Fotolia choosed the famous italian designer Alberto Seveso. His original creation « Portrait of a perfect stranger » will be available for free to download thursday 10th of october for 24h on

A captivating portrait

For Ten, Alberto Seveso has been faithful to his art and style. The Italian artist  first selected in the Fotolia Catalog a portrait of a beautiful woman taking three-quarters pose "to emphasize the depth",with watercolor textures "to keep a natural tone", which he mixed with vector shapes. An alchemy of genres that gives the work smoothness, sensuality and melancholy. Captivated the audience can not take there eyes of this "perfect stranger" and the mosaic of elements and colors that compose it.

Making of teaser:

Website of the artist:


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